There are three basic tenets Soul Clann has used over the millennia to guide their cause in creating a more perfect society.

Truth: To always honor the Truth of whom you are and the truth of one’s identity is their connection to their higher selves and the infinity cosmos.

Light: To always nurture and share the energy that resides within and allow one’s self to be a vessel through with the light and energy of the cosmos can reach out to others to awaken their souls from slumber. This light shall emanate from you through your aura and will blast forth from your eyes, casting out the darkness and transmuting it to light and acting as a beacon to those in need of guidance.

Love: A constant reminder that we are not on this journey alone. Whether the love is shared amongst family, Clann, friends, strangers or significant others, it serves as an amplifier to increase the light in the world, encourage one to hold firm in the Truth of their identity.

May Truth, Light and Love Guide Our Path

Sat Nam



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