Sat Nam Yogis,

Amy and I are excited about our future and where we are headed but like many times in the past, we are launching ourselves off the cliff and testing our wings to see where the universe takes us.

we made a rather bumpy landing in South Central Oregon and are finally getting our home under control enough to begin setting our sights on a new venue for Soul Clann to set up shop. Once the new venue is established, we will work together with our new community to determine if the group classes or private classes work best. Along with looking for the new venue we will be adding Reiki and Crystal healing, Meditation classes, Sound healing and Shamanic healing for both public and private sessions, so stay tuned for a new meetup, look for future emails and event listing.

Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with or if you are interested in any of the private offerings by emailing us at


May Truth, Light & Love

Guide Our Path

🙏🏼 Sat Nam 🙏🏼

Chris & Amy Wood

Soul Clann