Soul Clann is based upon a belief by founder Chris Wood, that all souls are ultimately derived from a core group of beings which set out to experience the world through the mortal bodies of man. This group is a Family or Clann as we call them, that has guided the events of the world in an effort to create what many religions have described as “Heaven on Earth.” The Soul Clann has many factions or subsets within it, however, the guiding body or eldest souls give their allegiance to the Soul Clann as their calling is to serve for the benefit of all, before themselves. These brave souls have returned to earth many times over the centuries, to shape the world. In some cases: to right wrongs they have made, provide hope when there is none, but always they strive for balance. Unfortunately, one of the down sides to the souls constant return to this plane has been a loss of their connection to their higher selves and until the Beginning of the Age of Aquarius most souls have had little to no awareness of their higher selves let alone their true purpose on earth. As many can atest, their seems to an awakening in the last few years and the number of souls that have become aware grows each day. One of many goals that the Soul Clann website is intended is to be a launching point for a series of books called “The Soul Clann Adventure” which will document the stories of the Clann throughout history. Soul Clann in its modern day form is a superset. It will be used as an anchor for many adventures. Authors Chris & Amy Wood will be gathering and telling the stories of their many adventures in service to the Soul Clann, in this lifetime and many others, in addition to finding other stores from our Clann or other Clanns that are willing to convey the stories they have come to know. It will also serve as an entry point for a blog written by various Soul Clann members, Photography, Meditation and Spiritual/Life Path Coaching and Kundalini Yoga Teaching with Chand Singh (Chris’ spiritual name). We hope in the future to use our other skills and extend our services into the realm of Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Herbology and Nutrition. Once each of these services become available we will add them to the menu along with details on how to set up appointments.

There are three basic tenets Soul Clann has used over the millennia to guide their cause in creating a more perfect society.

Truth: To always honor the Truth of whom you are and the truth of one’s identity is their connection to their higher selves and the infinity cosmos.

Light: To always nurture and share the energy that resides within and allow one’s self to be a vessel through with the light and energy of the cosmos can reach out to others to awaken their souls from slumber. This light shall emanate from you through your aura and will blast forth from your eyes, casting out the darkness and transmuting it to light and acting as a beacon to those in need of guidance.

Love: A constant reminder that we are not on this journey alone. Whether the love is shared amongst family, Clann, friends, strangers or significant others, it serves as an amplifier to increase the light in the world, encourage one to hold firm in the Truth of their identity.

May Truth, Light and Love Guide Our Path

Sat Nam


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